Gaming Ideas to Teach Digital identity and Wellbeing

I’d like to start off by thanking Sue Beckingham for providing the inspiration for this idea initially. I chanced on a tweet linking to Sue’s great blog post about how you could have students create their own Snakes and Ladders games to raise awareness about their digital profiles on LinkedIn and this sparked an exchange on Twitter about how other gaming elements could be used too.

Snakes & Ladders(Image by Give Me Gimmicks, available on Flickr under a Creative Commons licence).

Let’s start with the Snakes and Ladders idea.  It got me thinking, LinkedIn is great, but why stop there? Not everyone uses LinkedIn after all, so why not let the students themselves choose which social network they want to base their game on?

Taking Sue’s original idea as a starting point, the activity with learners would play out something like this:-

Ideally, divide learners into small groups to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Distribute the Snakes and Ladders templates (a range of these are freely available on the TES site or you could make your own simply enough) and then give the teams time to create their own Snakes & Ladders game with the following instructions:

1) In your teams, agree on a social networking site where learners may have a digital presence (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc)

2) Using the Snakes and Ladders template, populate the snake squares with things that damage your digital presence and populate the ladder squares with things that enhance your digital presence.

3) Once completed, share your Snakes and Ladders game with another team for feedback.

Have each team exchange their Snakes and Ladders game with another team for review and get the teams to feedback on each others’ games accordingly, using the two stars and one wish method. I’ve created a handout for this activity that is freely available to download from my Dropbox account here.


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