Safeguarding Learners Online (workshop resources)

This post is dedicated to the resources used to complement the face to face training session on ‘Safeguarding Learners Online.’ The main focus of the workshop is to empower teachers to embed aspects of e-safety into their everyday practice, which typically involves promoting the safe and responsible use of social media.

The presentation to accompany the workshop is available on Prezi below:-

The following resources are also used, either as activities or as further reading, to accompany the workshop:-

  • There’s a padlet of useful weblinks relating to e-safety. This is essentially my one stop shop for everything I tag online with an e-safety theme. It contains case studies, articles, quizzes and more.
  • There’s an e-safety playlist on YouTube containing a variety of short clips which can be used to kickstart discussion activities on key themes.
  • The friendbook activity on the TES site which allows teachers to highlight the pressing issues that are facing their learners in regards to their behaviour on their social networking profiles.
  • My blog contains a number of activities you can use to deliver e-safety, such as:
    • A matching activity for learners to complete in small groups is available here.
    • A Socrative quiz with instructions on how to import it into your own Socrative account here.
    • Details of a Snakes and Ladders game to use with learners, including handouts to download are available here.
    • Fill in the blanks activity for maintaining a positive digital footprint.
    • Spot the social media platform activity.
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