Social Media

Amplifying Events through Social Media

How can social media be put to good effect to amplify events? This week Jisc held its annual Digifest in ...
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What does access to the internet mean to millennials?

53%. What does that statistic mean to you? Anything? ...
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How can we make better use of social media?

How can we make better use of social media? And, more importantly, how can we cascade that good practice down ...
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Ten Top Tips for maintaining a positive digital footprint

Recently I was asked if I had anything to use with academic staff and/or students to give them some basic ...
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Safeguarding Learners Online (workshop resources)

This post is dedicated to the resources used to complement the face to face training session on 'Safeguarding Learners Online.' ...
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What’s in a name?

What's in a name? As the Bard once said. Well, quite a lot really, and the way we name and ...
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