Making the Most of LinkedIn

When the topic of presenting yourself online in the best possible light and your digital footprint arises, it’s difficult not to mention LinkedIn at some point.  However, invariably the most common response from academics tends to be: “LinkedIn? Meh!”  It’s as if there’s an almost universal acknowledgement that in today’s competitive job market there’s definitely a need to give yourself every edge, but when it comes to actually doing something about it an overwhelming sense of apathy descends. Continue reading Making the Most of LinkedIn

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Reflections on #LearnPod13

So, #LearnPod13 is finally done and dusted for yet another year, and now I’ve slept on it and my brain has finally started to stop buzzing with all the myriad ideas and thoughts that the event provoked, I ask myself ‘what did people get out of it?’ – other than the cake! Continue reading Reflections on #LearnPod13

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Behind the Mask of Digital Identity

“Everyone presents himself to the others and to himself, and sees himself in the mirrors of their judgements.  The masks he then and thereafter presents to the world and its citizens are fashioned upon his anticipations of their judgements.”

Anselm Strauss“Mirrors and Masks: the search for identity.” (1969) Continue reading Behind the Mask of Digital Identity

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