Ten Top Tips for maintaining a positive digital footprint

Recently I was asked if I had anything to use with academic staff and/or students to give them some basic pointers on how to be a little more savvy with their social media use.

Image by geralt, available on Pixabay under a Creative Commons licence.

I know, there’s lots of instances of this kind of thing online, the problem is the information dates so quickly and what is right for one organisation may not necessarily be right for another.

If the organisation in question already has a social media policy I would suggest that would be the best starting point – look at the key components of that, at least then there’s some consistency in the message staff are receiving. However, let’s be realistic, how many staff are likely to read the organisation’s social media policy in full?

Advice that others produce is likely to range from anywhere between the risk averse / lockdown approach to the more open and experimental – either of which may be at odds with the approach you are looking for.

With all this in mind, there is a need for something a little more palatable and user-friendly that provides some universal guidelines for both staff and students alike. To that end, here is a ‘Fill in the Blanks’ activity I produced using the H5P site, which I can’t recommend enough for producing bitesize elearning activities. This is just one example of a range of different activities available on the site, but one that is particularly useful for reinforcing key messages in a staff development session or student induction. It’s also easy to grab the HTML code and embed the activity into a Virtual Learning Environment or blog, as evidenced below.

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